An introduction

Dear Readers,

So today, 16/06/2015 I decided to start my own blog purely to inform and educate others on what I believe is a hugely important topic which if I could, I would make compulsory for all to atleast know about. The topic I refer to is veganism, and yes already I am aware, readers will all ready be thinking ‘oh not another insane vegan who thinks they can change the world or enforce their ideas on everyone around them’ but I’m not. That is not my aim. As far as I see my role as a vegan, consists of spreading the vegan message solely to inform, guide and support others not force, judge or reject anyone who does not accept my lifestyle and views. Also with this blog I will use it to share vegan meals, products and tips on anything and everything, I want to be a support line for all vegans out there and any potential vegans, giving them an insight into how EASY it really is. 

But for my first post, I will just give you a brief background on my ‘vegan’ journey so far. I am fairly new to the vegan lifestyle, having made the change late last october at the age of 17, having been a vegetarian since April 2014 always with the intention of becoming a vegan but being at boarding school and therefore having limited control over what I could eat meant it wasn’t an option. I moved to another boarding school last September where I am able to have more control over my diet and have been able to register as a vegan. Therefore making my new diet/lifetstyle possible and showing other girls like me who were in a similar position that you shouldn’t let anything get in the way of making this change, not family, friends, school or anything. After all a vegan lifestyle is a personal choice which affects you and therefore should only be influenced by you and how you want to live your life. Since being a vegan I have had my ups and downs, my doubts as to whether this really is the best decision for me, but it only takes a moment to think of all the good a vegan stands for to keep me on track. It has been hard having received little support in making this change from friends or family in fact everyone at one point or another has tried to talk me out of it. But i haven’t let this affect me and will not let it in the future. This is my life. This is my choice. And at the end of the day, in my view veganism is hardly a choice, and more of necessity if our planet wants to continue to thrive.

A women who was hugely influential on my decision, who i have followed religiously for the past year and a bit and whose name you may know and will be frequently mentioned in my blog is, Freeelee the banana girl, who I will talk about in another blog but for now check her out on Facebook

And of course PETA is an essential website to visit if you are or a becoming a vegan so give them a visit,

Heres to a better future, until next time, charlotte xxx


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