A few thoughts on Veganism

Dear Readers,

I am hoping to start making some much lighter posts based around vegan recipes, products etc but whilst I’m starting out I feel it is important to first cover some much more serious and controversial parts of veganism. I hope some of you don’t feel as if I’m shoving this information in your face, I just don’t want to steer away from the facts. I want to inform my readers as much as possible and this isn’t always going to be with things you want to read. I find most people as it says in the book ‘Eating Animals’ just don’t want to hear about it, its much easier for them to remain ignorant to all the issues. People often say to me ‘Don’t tell me anymore, I don’t want to know, I don’t want to become a vegetarian.’ This upsets me a great deal. Call me extreme, but I do not believe people have the right to chose to eat meat and dairy without understanding the process by which it comes about and the consequences, its just not right. And so with this post I hope to start to bring to light a few key consequences of this choice, to eat meat.

The world is changing, people are waking up to reality and realising that we can’t go on the way we are. The planet cannot maintain the western diet the majority of us live, consisting of high levels of meat and dairy, even ignoring the extreme amounts of cruelty which takes place within these industries (as often happens) there still remains the devastating affects its having on our planet. Which affects all of us, if the cruelty which takes place in these industries is not enough incentive to make the change then let this be enough. All the animals just by being alive create huge amounts of methane which damages our environment and contributes to global warming,(in fact 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions is caused my animal agriculture) as well as this, the huge amounts of animal waste created by using battery farms to raise these animals instead of fields, where the waste would then be naturally fertilised, is instead ending up being stored in huge man made lagoons, causing pollution of the surrounding soil and water systems.

The devastation of the amazon rainforest which is being destroyed at a vast rate is also a huge consequence of you choosing to eat meat. This is because the rainforest is being destroyed to create room for fields for cattle to be raised in order to match the obscene levels of demand for meat. At the moment, scientists think we have only uncovered a mere 1% of what that Amazon has to offer, making huge discoveries with the plants and animals found there which has and can continue to be used to help develop medicines for you and the rest of the world. Why would you want to contribute to destroying this??? 1% is nothing. Think of how much we have left to discover….. yet every day we are destroying a vast amount of this beautiful place, at this rate we will never discover the endless possibilities that could come from exploring this extraordinary place. As well as this, the thousands of trees being cut down which were helping to counter balance the negative effects of the pollution being created (and in fact contribute to 20% of the oxygen on earth) and destroying the homes of thousands of animals, insects, birds and amphibians as a direct result of yours and many others choice to eat meat. Of course this is not the only cause of destruction, as cultivation of illegal crops and collection of palm oil found in most processed supermarket goods such as rich tea biscuits or cheap chocolate, as it is a cheap substance which helps lower the cost of these products. Both of these causes should not be overlooked but the rearing of cattle in the Amazon has a much more devastating affect and therefore needs to be dealt with and brought attention to. It is such unnecessary damage, this is why its so vital for people who chose to eat meat to understand the hundreds of consequences that result from the lifestyle choice.

As you can tell, I fully support veganism as a solution to helping make this world a better place, and most importantly helping put an end to the cruel corrupt industry so many of you still support and putting an end to the mistreatment of animals. If you are interested in finding out a more in-depth view which really puts veganism in perspective and widens your understanding immensely, I would read ‘Eating Animlas’ by Jonathan Safran Foer, this book along with Freelee the banana girl had aeatinganimals huge impact on my decision to adopt this lifestyle.

Sorry for making such a serious piece but I feel it is essential to not just sugar coat the actual point behind this blog and allow you as my readers to understand why I did this and why I believe you should too. I am aware this blog may cause lots of controversy and you may not agree with me whole heartedly. All I ask is for you to at least appreciate with an open mind what I am trying to say and even if you aren’t ready to take the plunge to this lifestyle, try to adopt some of the ways in which you live your life to incorporate a more animal and planet friendly lifestyle. Even if this is simply stopping buying food from corrupt fast food restaurants (even if it is vegetarian options as the money still go towards them) or just incorporating one or two vegan meals into your week. You’d be surprised how easy it is and what a difference it can make!

Heres to a better future, until next time, charlotte xxxx


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