Eating out as a vegan

Okay so often one huge obstacle people relate to being vegan is eating out. In fact a lot of people just think we can’t. But this is not the case, in fact so many restaurants will happily cater for you if you just ask! But here are a few ideas that already have vegan options on the menu or offer their own vegan menu;VEGAN FOOD

Wagamama (where this photo was taken, Its their warm tofu salad)

Pizza Express, added a vegan pizza but apparently all their bases are vegan so you could always try and ask for it without the cheese.

Itsu (not a restaurant more takeaway) does have some vegan options such as ‘sushi’ wraps which are filled with avocado not fish

-Yo sushi does also have a few vegan dishes such as their plates of aubergine and other vegetable and some rice and vegetable ones too

Zizzi, Ask, Pizza Hut i have heard all offer a few options for vegans but haven’t ben to any since I’ve been a vegan so not sure about them, but often pasta and tomato sauce dishes  are often a safe option to ask for if the pasta has no egg in

Jamie’s Italian last time i want did have a vegan menu but options where still limited.

Pret A Manger offers two vegan sandwiches, the Naked Avocado Bloomer and Super greens. Also Superfood Salad; and  snacks such as popcorn, kale chips and salty chocolate if you d like

-Recently I went out for quick lunch with some friends and we went to a Chinese takeaway its very easy to eat vegan at places like this as they often offer dishes such as rice with vegetables and sometimes with tofu in, which makes a great lunch if you are looking for something different, so they are always and option!

Also don’t forget that most coffee shops offer soya milk both mainstream chains and small individually owned Cafe’s, I have come across, so don’t feel you can no longer go out to have a hot chocolate or a coffee 🙂

And of course there are lots of actual vegan restaurants around so go give them a visit and support them, I would always chose them over see other chain restaurants as these restaurants still support the meat and dairy industry which by eating at them only contributes to them, but its good to know there are options available if need be!

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


One thought on “Eating out as a vegan

  1. Taking my vegan son out to restaurants a decade ago showed me how very easy (and accommodating) restaurant vegan eating could be. Fast-forward to now; my husband and I freshly vegan and even the very best steak houses are favorite spots for us to dine (we love the wine-lists) as vegans. Most fine dining establishments do not mind going off-menu for vegans; they want your business no matter how it comes to them.

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