Arbonne, Vegan Beauty

Dear Readers,

Last week I was contacted by a lovely lady called Anna who happens to be part of a certified vegan, beauty company called Arbonnne, set up in Switzerland in 1975. She asked me if I would review some of their beauty/skincare products on my blog.  I IMG_9575was very flattered to of been asked and so I’ve accepted! I have now received the products and this will be my first review on a set of Arbonne’s products.

I had never heard of this company so I began by finding out a bit more about them, having now looked through their catalogue and website I would summarise the company as a modern, stylish, ethically concerned company which uses natural, cruelty free methods to produce high quality products. Their products don’t come cheap but nor are unreasonably priced. They offer a wide range of products and different lines, therefore prices range dramatically depending on the range you chose.  For example their ‘clear control’ range is around £15 per item, whereas some of their creams can reach high price range of £70.They appear very committed to charity, the environment and of course against animal testing.

The Product I am going to review first is their ‘Calm’ skincare range for face.

I first used the ‘Gentle Daily Cleanser’, this lived up to its description, very gentle and very lightly scented (which I personally prefer to some of the overpowering face cleansers you can buy), once applied to a moist face, its foams up slightly and removed all the makeup I was wearing, after rinsing with warm water my face felt a little dry (but I do have naturally dry skin and often find cleansers slightly drying) but nevertheless very clean and soft. I was impressed! IMG_9773

The next product in this range I was sent is their ‘Soothing Facial serum’, I used this immediately after cleansing as it suggested, it is a fine, clear, slightly runny liquid which I rubbed onto my face, this immediately began to sink in to my skin and help relieve the dry feeling I’d had after cleansing, it really did make my face feel very smooth and again has a very subtle scent of cucumber, hardly noticeable. Again I was pleased with the result.

After this, the ‘Gentle Daily Moisturiser’ is suggested. This product has a more noticeable scent but still very subtle. The product is white and creamy but very lightweight and soft, and moisturised my skin straight away. My favourite so far!

The last in the set is ‘Smoothing eye gel’. This has a similar appearance to the serum and again a lusciously light soft texture which glides over your eyes during application. It does not feel heavy on the eye lids and really is very ‘soothing’. The scent is the same as the moisturiser which is good and it did dry very quickly once applied!

For all the products, a little goes a long way, I only used a large pea sized amount at most, their texture, scent and soothing effect are definitely very appealing and I honestly couldn’t fault them. I’ve had a look on the website to check their prices and will list them below;

Cleanser- £18, Serum- £37, Moisturiser- £27, Eye gel- £24 (the picture is only their sample sizes!)

The set together is £94. This is on the pricey side of skin care products so even if you just consider buying one to try, then I would defiantly go for either thIMG_9772e serum or the moisturiser, I really was impressed!

And may I now add, after finishing this blog, as I’ve been trying these products as I wrote…. I can now say my skin feels very supple and hydrated, I’m very happy!

Look out for more reviews on their products and please help support ethical, vegan companies like this,

Check them out at-,515.aspx

Look out for more reviews on their products and please help support ethical, vegan companies like this,

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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