Arbonne- Makeup

Dear Readers,

This is my second review on Arbonne’s products, this time I am focusing purely on the makeup samples I have been sent. IMG_3072

First of all is their makeup primer, this is a clear gel-like liquid which as soon as applied to your face, thins out and spreads easily across your face giving you a good eveIMG_3054n base to apply your foundation/powder on top off. You only need a tiny amount as a little goes a long way. Its soft and makes your skin feel smooth and protected. Its scentless and overall i couldn’t fault it, by far the best primer I’ve ever used!

Next up was the CC cream in shade ‘light’, this has a creamy, light and not too thick texture to it, again very little is needed and immediately begins to sink and blend into your skin. Resulting in a smooth texture, and good coverage, it hid all my blemishes and moisturised my skin. I was again very pleased with this product!

IMG_3069Finally I used the lipstick I chose after being sent a colour chart. I chose the shade ‘Dahlia’ a dark purplish shadIMG_3071e which I felt would be perfect for the upcoming autumn. I was most impressed with this lipstick, incredibly moisturising once applied, the shade is bold and a the colour pigments are perfect. Its packaged nicely and so far hasn’t faded since I put it on 2 hours ago.

However, although what I have read on their website and been told by one of their consultants about how natural these products are, I have to say they do have an awful lot of ingredients with in them and not all particularly natural. Having said that the majority are and the results I’ve seen from the products I’ve tried so far and very impressive, so if your in need of a knew lipstick, primer or CC cream and fancy choosing a far more ethical company which boasts high quality products with vegan ingredients then I would definitely recommend checking out what Arbonne has to offer! Simply click on the link below IMG_3078and have a look for yourself!

Hopefully you found this useful, I have several more of their products to review, so look out for them coming soon! I also have stumbled across a company I’ve never heard of before but recently have opened a shop in Whitby, a seaside town in North Yorkshire, which I visit often, and spotted their shop yesterday afternoon, I was very impressed by the shops products and ethos, so I will defiantly be featuring them soon. In case your interested they are called ‘Totally Natural SkincaIMG_3070re’ and their website is  if you would like to check them out.

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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