Secret Vegan foods…..shhhh

Dear Readers,

Todays post is focused on supermarket foods which are suitable for vegans but aren’t labelled, its only when you begin to read the back of some of the products do you realise just how much is actually suitable for us! (healthy or not….) Here are some of my favourite finds…

Something sweet

-Co-operative’s own brand dark chocolate



-Co-operative’s bourbons

Jammy Dodgers




-Tesco’s Chocolate Mint Thins

-Waitrose own brand dark chocolate mint wafer thins

-Some Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate

Ginger – Maya Gold – pure dark chocolate – Spiced chilli – Mint


-Marks and Spencer’s vegetable samosas and other foods in their indian range


Co-operative’s garlic bread


-Some Marks and spencer soups

Super green Tomato and Basil – Tomato, Borlotti Bean and Kale  Super bean, lentil and barley soup

M&S tomato borlotti bean soup 2014sml             M&S Super Green Soup            M&S Tomato & Basil soup

-Some Marks and Spencer salads

Sprouted pea and bean salad  Fireburst rice salad – Wheatberries and Giant couscous Super wholefoods – 3 bean salad – couscous and roasted vegetables

mands_peabean   mands_salad_wheatb     4655103409_744992df37

-Tesco Falafel and Hummus wrap
-Dips such as Hummus and Guacamole 

-Most crips but NOT Doritos, Pringles or any sour cream flavour as these all use milk powder.

Ofcourse if you want to know a full extensive list of all vegan products in any of the main supermarkets they can be found online, these are just a few of my favourites. Remember every penny you spend is a vote for whats right and by choosing to buy these products, you help keep them in the stores for all of us to enjoy and keep for cruelty free, (mostly) healthy and delicious food on our supermarket shelves!

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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