Vegan Substitutes- Yes Or No?


Dear Readers,

Often people vegan or not are unaware of the huge amount of food we vegans are actually able to eat. This is often because people get so caught up on looking for the food in supermarket labelled vegan, but actually these foods are often what give our vegan diet a bad name. This is because these commercially produced substitute foods sold in supermarkets are

1.Full of chemicals

2.Overpriced (as we are a niche market which companies
are able to take advantage of
due to lack of competitors)enhanced-buzz-20287-1367259463-8

3. Can be far more unhealthy for you than eating the real thing itself. (ethical reasons excluded of course)

Therefore non vegans often argue that actually we aren’t as healthy as we think we are, if we are eating all these vegan substitutes such as vegan cheese or butter. And quite frankly I’d have to agree with them, really these substitutes should be avoided, but of course not everyone is vegan for health reasons and are perfectly entitled to chose to eat these, I just would give a word of warning against going overboard on them. These kind of products are the products which give non vegans the arguments of ‘oh i can’t soyatoo-vegan-whipped-cream-761888afford to be a vegan, its a luxury diet for the better off’ or ‘ohimages-9
you vegans give up animal products to be healthy then fill yourselves with chemicals instead’

Admittedly these vegan products do have benefits, including taste, helping soothe the odd craving for old foods and simple convenience. Also often these products can be the final encouragement some non vegans need to make the final step to veganism, as once they realise there are vegan substitutes for practically anything, from burgers to whipped cream to marshmallows and butter, they are suddenly less intimidated by our lifestyle and feel its more realistic as less food sacrifices will have to be made and they cants enjoy some of their favourite foods in a more ethical, planet friendly way.

However perhaps looking on these products as something to use minimally in your diet or as a treat for those lazy days, instead of as an everyday necessity is always advisable so in general its defiantly a NO to most vegan substitutes if your trying to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. 10934149_878911645509455_16681111554208856_oSticking to as pure and natural food as possible is always best for you and the planet, in fact Freelee the banana girl i mentioned in previous posts promotes a ‘Raw Till 4’ lifestyle where you eat raw food until 4pm then eat a High Carb low fat meal for dinner such as a large bowl of sweet potato and a large side salad. This I believe is what we should all be aiming for, not necessarily the raw food idea but eating all our food as pure and as fresh and untouched as possible, if we want to get the most nutrition and fulfilment from our food

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxx


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