Pause for thought….


“We all love animals. Why do we call some ‘pets’ and others ‘dinner?”

~ K.D. Lang

Dear Readers,

I came across this photo a couple of months ago and have been wanting to feature it ever since. To me it displays a truly powerful message and puts the harsh reality of what may of us do, in one innocent pIMG_1287icture.

If you couldn’t eat your dog or cat, how can you eat any other animal…? To me that just doesn’t make sense. Some of you may laugh and think how ridiculous that is, lots have laughed at it before. But before you do, just stop and think. All animals are equal aren’t they? They should be. Just as all humans should be equal.

Before I became a vegetarian and I was reading the book Eating Animlas, it mentioned in one of the first chapters this topical idea that if you would eat one animal you surely should eat them all…?

“I wouldn’t eat George, because she’s mine. But why wouldn’t I eat a dog I’d never met? Or more to the point, what justification might I have for sparing dogs but eating other animals?”

This was the first of may powerful points that hit me as i read and have remained ingrained in my thoughts ever since and were hugely influential in me making the change to become a vegetarian. The book makes the comment ‘So why don’t they get to curl up by the fire?’ The book is referring to pigs, suggesting if dogs can, why can’t pigs?


The book goes on as far as to include a recipe for ‘stewed dogs’ this shocked me but I was thankful for that. It made me feel physically sick and i honestly had to stop reading for moment. I  have two beautiful dogs who mean the world to me and i couldn’t imagine treating them as any less than I would treat my best friend. Dogs and all animals are truly beautiful creatures, with emotions and personalties just like us, the only difference is how we perceive them.

IMG_0887Always treat every living creature as your equal, we all have as much right to life on this planet as another. At the end of the day its your choice. IMG_1176

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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