My favourite Salad

Dear Readers,

Currently I am obsessed with this salad recipe which I’ve been eating most days, so of course I have to share it with you all!

So here it is;IMG_3617

1/2 Cup Quinoa

1 small Iceberg lettuce

1 Avocado (chopped)

1/2 cup Kidney beans

1/2 Aubergine (chopped)

1 handful (or more) cherry tomatoes (cooked)

2 tsp Coconut oil (for cooking)

1/2 Lemon (juice of)

Sprinkling of Sunflower seeds

Sprinkling of Nutritional yeast (optional)

  1. Start by cooking the quinoa for around 10minutes or until its expanded, whilst its cooking fry or grill the cherry tomatoes  (to get the maximum health beefits of tomatoes its best to cook them, they also taste delicious!) in coconut oil with the aubergine.
  2. Whilst this is cooking assemble the salad leaves into a bowl along with the chopped avocado.
  3. Drain the quinoa and then return to pan, add the kidney beans and cooked tomatoes and aubergine,  stir together, then add to your bowl.
  4. Add the lemon juice, sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast and your done!

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I do, of course you do not need to include all of these ingredients if you chose not too, depending on what you have this recipe can just be simplified to use less of the ingredients and still taste delicious.IMG_3619

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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