Dear Readers,

E.L.F or eyeslipsface is my latest discovery…. a makeup company whose products use both vegan certified ingredients and they do not test on animals (according to their FAQ’s http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/faqs  ). Not only this but their products are incredibly affordable and good quality on the whole. After researching more about them and reading customer IMG_2302reviews I decided I had to test them out for myself.

I ordered a range of their products including foundation, primer, lipsticks, mascara, eyebrow pencil, brow and eyelash gel and eye concealer.

Often when it comes to beauty products it can be often be quite costly to make the ethical decision due to most those brands charging higher prices for ethically produced products. However with e.l.f products this is not the case, which is what makes it so brilliant, so here is a brief outline of the items I tried….

Flawless Finish Foundation

  • £7.50
  • shade porcelain (the shades are quite dark so if in doubt go lighter than you think is for you)
  • would recommend if you like medium to full coverage
  • Has SPF 15 included which is crucial for protecting your skin and should be incorporated in your daily routine if not included in your foundation or moisturiser

Blemish Control Face Primer

  • £7.50
  • light weight, not much is needed
  • effectively creates a base layer on your skin before a applying to give a smoother look once foundation is applied and also helps minimise amount of foundation needed


  • £2
  • shade- fearless
  • lightly scented
  • long lasting and smooth application

Mineral Infused Mascara

  • £4.50
  • mineral
  • very effective at creating long dark lashes without clumps

Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil

  • £3.00
  • easy to shape brows with this
  • quality is not as high as some of the other items but still works well

Clear Brow and Lash Mascara

  • £3.00
  • clear gel which greatly improves your final brow and lash look as helps brow powder remain in place and lashes to stop clumping and elongates them.
  • defiantly would include this in your makeup routine!

Under Eye Conceal and Highlighter

  • £4.50
  • Shade glow/fair
  • concealer visibly brightens under eye area and the highlighter is perfect for using under your brow arch

However if i had any complaints it would only be that the packaging of the products looks quite cheap (understandably) and if i had to tell you one product out of this selection that I was leased impressed with, it would be the lipstick, as i prefer lipsticks that have a more moisturising for your lips but for the price I paid I am still pleased with this product as the colour is good and it lasts well.

So in short, this  makeup company is a brilliant find, super affordable and cruelty free so next time you need to replenish your makeup consider this ethical, affordable company! There really is no excuse to buy cruelly produced beauty products now you know!


Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


4 thoughts on “e.l.f

  1. I’ve been a big e.l.f. fangirl for a while now. I have every shade of a few of their products. I highly recommend their eye shadows, which (with a few exceptions) are very well pigmented and can last all day with a good eyeshadow primer (and e.l.f. makes one of those, too). I haven’t had much luck with their concealers, but the flawless finish foundation you mentioned has been one of my backups for over a year now.

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