Eating Out 2

Dear Readers,IMG_2497

Here is an update on my latest favourite places to eat out, which are not on my previous list of places to eat out,

  • Pizza Express

Recently they have added a Vegan pizza to their menu which I tried the other day and it was very good,  its called Pianta topped with spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and artichokes.

(There dough balls are also vegan)

  • Giraffe

This is defiantly a top choice at the moment, they have atleast a handful of options which are vegan without changing anything! They are also serisouly tasty, my only wish would of been that I had discovered this place sooner! Heres a photo of my last meal there… Soba noodles, sweet potato and tofu curry

  • Zizzi

Zizzi’s I am currently obsessed with… i just cant get enough of their vegan food, they are my top choice for eating out! They offer a vegan pizza option that is made with vegan mozzarella cheese which is so good and have lots of optional extra toppings 🙂 They also recently bought out a vegan lentil rague which is equally delicious, as well as a vegan calzone for dessert and various starters including garlic bread! If you haven’t been you must make it a top priority!

  • The stable

I was taken here by friends without realising that this chain restaurant does pizza with vegan cheese! The cheese is more cheddar style than mozzarella like a Zizzi’s, much thicker and less runny. I personally prefer Zizzi’s pizza but this is defiantly worth trying! i ordered my Pizza with spinach which was £1 extra. (sorry for the bad picture but its the only one I took! )

IMG_9819 (1).jpg

  • Ive also heard the handmade burger co is a good option, but have yet to try it….

I hope you found this useful, I will add to this post as I discover more places, but don’t forget I have older posts with more restaurants and cafe ideas that you can check out!

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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