The myth of protein deficiency

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Time and time again people when discussing the vegan diet, people have this crazy misconception about protein. They immediately associate vegetarian and vegan diets with protein  assuming that without meat its impossible or incredibly difficult to consume the appropriate amount of protein in your diet. However, the majority of people who point this out to me actually have no clue about any sources of protein other than meat, they have never considered the fact most vegetables contain a source of protein, most believe our only options are tofu or beans and pulses. These of course do contain high amounts of protein and are delicious and perfect to incorporate as part of your diet. But the average person often says how much they pity vegans for having such a boring and limited diet which is anything but the case.

Take a look at this-12583691_10201330829670493_137283202_nThe amount of people that are so misinformed about vegansim yet take it upon themselves to criticise, judge, comment and make grand demeaning statements about the vegan lifestyle is ridiculous. Constantly demanding vegans to give evidence and facts to prove our points (which their is plenty of) yet have little evidence themselves, often believing the fact that the majority of western society indulge in their carnivorous lifestyle is enough, which of course it goes without saying it is not considering these societies are riddled with sickness which in more cases than not can be linked to diet.

A perfect representation of how nutritious and protein full the vegan lifestyle is, of course, would be by vegan body builders. See for yourself by clicking this link- 

For a more in-depth discussion on the myth of protein check out sites such as these;

Currently our society has an obsession with protein but actually this is so unnecessary and should stop and consider that overconsumption of protein could cause problems for your heart and your kidVegan-protein-foodsneys as well as encourage the growth of cancer cells and cause digestive problems. The myth of protein deficiency associated with a vegan or even a vegetarian diet needs to stop, as it really is, just a myth.


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2 thoughts on “The myth of protein deficiency

  1. I think there’s a good reason why people don’t know facts like these, and it runs deep in this country. We aren’t supposed to know that, because that would mean less profit for dairy/meat farmers. The government gets behind programs to push dairy and meat eating, which is why the nutritional guidelines get dictated more by politics than fact. We’ve known for years that red meat is the worst for us, but that fact gets sugar coated. I mean, I’m being totally honest that I never knew almond milk has more calcium and protein than cow milk! Never once in “heath class” did they mention that. It’s taboo. We get it literally brainwashed into us from birth that dairy is the only calcium and meat is the only protein. It’s sad that we’re so misinformed.

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