Whole foods store

Dear Readers,

This is my new favourite place to shop for food! Well it would be if there was one near me…..Whilst staying with my dad in Cheltenham the other week, we decided to go try out the new whole foods store to pick up some food supplies for supper. This store offers a huge range of food and has the best variety of products available for vegans I have come across so far!

A few key highlights are there vegan cheese range stocking both vegan cream cheese as well as a variety of hard cheese, IMG_3419

They also stock lots of vegan chocolate paticulary the popular VEGO bar,

IMG_3424 copy

And a range of frozen vegan meat alternatives…..


Currently there are 9 stores in the UK, since it is an american company, the majority of these are located in London apart from; Cheltenham and Giffnok. But its definitely worth paying them a visit if you happen to be near by!

Can’t wait for my next visit!! Hope you all found this useful, lets spend our money at the companies we want to support!

Heres to a better future,until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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