Falafel Wrap

Dear Readers,

Another of my favourite quick lunches to make when I’m on the go is this falafel wrap. Its so easy and seriously good 🙂 You must give it a try…..


Here is the recipe;

1 wrap

1tbs Hummus (more or less depending on size of your wrap and personal preference)

1 or 2 Falafel Balls (I bought mine from a supermarket but they are easy to make yourself)

2 Lettuce leaves

3 cherry tomatoes chopped

Cucumber (as much as you want) diced or sliced

Optional squeeze of lemon juice


Spread hummus on wrap, break up falafel balls into small pieces and place on edge of wrap, next to it in lines, lay out the other ingredients, apart from the lettuce which you can lay over the top of the rest. Then squeeze the lemon juice and roll up the rap starting from the side. Slice diagonally in the middle of the wrap and tuck in the sides. Done! Yes it is that simple!

The wrap in progress…..


Hope you have many delicious lunch times with this wrap 🙂

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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