The wonders of coconut oil

Dear Readers,

Coconut oil is the most multi-purpose, natural (and it goes without saying) cruelty free product I know! Make sure to get Raw unrefined coconut oil for best results. It has so many uses ranging from hair to healing infections to cooking, here is just a few ideas of how you could use it….


-Coconut oil is great to use as a hair mask as it moisturisers, softens and helps repair
your hair. I am constantly straightening my hair and as a result am always worried about heat damage and suffering from split ends. So I find coconut oil is the perfect solution to use every so often to help reverse some of the damage I’ve caused my hair. I use around 1tsp of raw, unrefined coconut oil which I melt in my hands and then finger comb through my hair. Depending on what my plans are, I either leave it on overnight or for around an hour. Then you need to rinse it out, sometimes this could mean washing your hair twice to make sure its all out to prevent your hair from looking oily. I always see a noticeable difference after doing this!

-If you have naturally curly hair like me then this oil is also perfect for helping shape/style your curls and reduce frizz rather than using expensive creams etc that rarely work and are laden with chemicals. By applying coconut oil to wet/damp hair particularly at the ends it helps trap moisture and help your curls form their natural coils without fizz. Be careful not to use too much, especially at the top or your hair can end up looking greasy and no one wants that…. 🙂


-I always use it as a moisturiser for my skin, both my face and body, I’ve always questioned using  commercially produced products which have 1001 ingredients on the back half of which I dont have a clue what they are and ofcourse majoritarily tested on animals such as Clarins and Kheils whose products I admittedly used to love, I now steer clear from these overpriced, cruelly produced products. By applying coconut oil to wet/damp skin it traps moisture in slowly sinks into the skin leaving your skin supple and hydrated.

Also the bad press moisturieser has been getting lately again shows it is not necessary or good to use these products, with links to worsening or causing acne  and being utterly not necessary for you.

-Primer, I have not yet tried this out but have heard many positive reports of using this oil as a primer, so perhaps give it a go?

-Cleanser, this has to be one of my favourite ways to use coconut oil, similarly to moisturisers I hated buying the commercially produced skin care products due to chemicals etc and so discovering how brilliant coconut oil is for removing make up and cleansing your skin is brilliant. There are lots of different ways you can go about this, as you can chose to mix it with other oils which bring other benefits to cleanser rather than just the characteristics of coconut oil, for example I currently as combining olive oil with coconut oil and using this daily. To use it simply apply to a dry face and wash off using a cotton pad and hot water.

-Spot treatment, Coconut oil is know for its anti-bacterial properties which is why its so brilliant for treating spots simply apply all over you face and wash off just like you would using it as your cleanser, I have found this to be very effective!

-Eyelashes, I have noticed since I started using coconut oil as a moisturiser that my eyelashes have become fuller and longer which I’m assuming is down to being moisturised daily with coconut oil and therefore I would definitely recommend trying this if you are attempting to grow your lashes.


-for frying, coconut oil is much healthier to fry your food in as it is highly resistant to oxidation at high heats.

-good as substitute for butter or other oils used in biscuits etc tastes good, I have use this with most success in cookies, I made chocolate chip vegan cookies with 1 cup of coconut oil and they were delicious!

I hope you found this useful, Coconut oil really is a marvellous thing, trust me you need this in your life!

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxx


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