My daily skincare routine


Dear readers,

Recently I have had questions from friends and readers asking about what I do in terms of  makeup remover and face wash which is suitable for vegans. My response is always ‘very little and it is completely natural.’ For the last 4 months or so after I experienced a brief period of bad skin, after changing my routine once again from a makeup cleanser from bodyshop which had not worked, I went looking for a new, alternative option. I already used coconut oil extensively to look after my skin and hair but not consistently and  not without using another face wash or moisturiser.


This is when I came across the idea of only using homemade oil based skin cleanser. I read an article explaining how it can instantly clear up your skin as well as remove makeup, cruelty free and  being an economical option, all lead to me deciding to give it a go. I decided to mix olive oil and coconut oil together.

To use simply apply to dry skin and remove with hot water, I use the deep cleansing cellulose sponges to do this which you can get from boots. Since using this simple makeup remover my skin has become so much clearer (see below). I would definitely recommend using this if you are struggling with problematic skin.

(this photo is without foundation or editing)


Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


4 thoughts on “My daily skincare routine

  1. I loved this! Your skin is so beautiful and clear! I’m also an advocate of less is more and have had numerous issues with skin over the years, but my routine is fairly stable and my skin has cleared up pretty well, so I’m very thankful!

    If you have a chance, please check out my blog Thanks! 🙂

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