A very vegan christmas

Dear readers

I hope you all had a lovely cruelty free christmas!! I just thought I would share a selection of some of the food I made and bought over christmas.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately unfortunately I haven’t been very well for the last month or so but I am definitely on my way to recovery now and fully intend to keep regularly posting on my blog during 2017 🙂

That aside here is my vegan christmas…enjoy!






I absolutely love gingerbread and I have a brilliant recipe for it which never fails me. The recipe is not vegan so I have to adapt it and it still turns out perfectly.

The recipe includes molasses, muscavado sugar, plain flour, ginger, mixed spices and cinnamon. I add a blend of coconut and rice milk instead of dairy milk, vegan butter and flax seeds to replace the eggs. And the result was this…


Mince pies

I much prefer to make my own mince pies than buy them since I can make them img_0216
just how I like them and they are so easy. This batch of mince pies was made with a thicker sweeter pastry than a lot of mince pies. I used a shortcrust pastry recipe that added sugar to the pastry and as a result created a perfect balance of sweetness to the sharp taste of the mincemeat. I of course had to use vegan butter asa  substitute but thats it 🙂 I was very
pleased with how they turned out!

My christmas dinner

For my actual feast on christmas day I decided to buy once again the Holland and Barrett quinoa and img_0373soya loaf, because it is so delicious. Since I am severely allergic to nuts a nut roast would not be an option and the fake turkey products etc have never appealed to me. This loaf has a thick empty texture that is delicious with homemade vegan gravy which I discovered Jamie Oliver has a good recipe for.

I had roast potatoes, roasted carrots, brussel sprouts, apple sauce and french beans as accompaniments.

Unfortunately I was the only vegan person of the eight people sat at our christmas dinner which is always disheartening but I still had a very lovely christmas! img_0302Wishing you all a happy, healthy and cruelty free new year,

Here’s to the future, until net time, Charlotte xxxx


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