The Peoples March

Dear Readers,

On Sunday 29th November this year the Peoples march for the climate, justice and jobs took place in London. Within the congregations of different groups coming together on the is day, a vegan group also made up the numbers after having recognised this thumb_IMG_2443_1024march as the perfect opportunity for a chance to spread awareness of the obscene amounts of damage a meat based diet has on our planet, and by doing so raise awareness of a vegan diet to the public. I attended this march accompanied by a closest friend, joining in the vegan bloc, which once we arrived was already full of other vegan protestors with their banners. It was wonderful to meet so many other people who shared the same mindset as , who all put the planet and animals first, above and beyond themselves.

Unfortunately their was plenty of snickers from not only the public but other protestors at the march who were part of other blocs marching against the use of fossil fuels etc who seemed to be amused at our vegan bloc….. and a couple of heated arguments between us and other blocs did occur as they tried to argue against our facts such as ‘51% of greenhouse gases being caused by animal agriculture’.  Which as it happens was sourced from documentaries such as ‘Cowspiracy’  which you can watch by clicking this link-’s%20largest%20environmental%20organizations%20are%20failing%20to%20address%20the%20single%20most%20destructive%20force%20facing%20the%20planet%20today as well as books such as ‘Eating Animals’ and organisations such as World Watch shown in this article- therefore showing this statistic is widely used and accepted.thumb_IMG_2457_1024

In fact we couldn’t help but find it ironic to see these people marching against the use of fossil fuels but no doubt having used some form of fossil fuelled transport to reach the protest today and not just that but most likely they consume it in all aspects of their everyday life….. It would be like me protesting against eating animals for the good of the planet yet having eaten a bacon sandwich for breakfast…..

But not only that, worst of all, we tried to offer them leaflets explaining the impacts of animal agriculture on the climate only for them to turn their noses up!!! Surely of all people  they should not being doing that, these people who have come together with the same intention -TO SAVE THE PLANET- yet when told about the biggest impact they could have (taking up a vegan diet, as shown by the facts)  most were dismissive and rude. I found this incredibly disheartening and confusing. Surely they would want to know of every single way they can help save the planet, big or small, easy or hard. To have an impact on the world, the easiest place to start is YOURSELF. Marching against the use of fossil fuels etc of course is important and of course the fact these people care enough to be there I respect them for BUT you have to question how much there heart is really in it if they can’t even open their mind wide enough to even consider the facts we were presenting them. But as usual, as is in our nature, blaming others before ourselves is always easier, blaming the government for not doing more is easier than changing what you’re doing to have an impact.


Despite this the whole day was inspirational and strengthened us all not only as individuals on our own journeys with veganism but as a community, giving us a fresh sense of hope for the future.

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx



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