Beauty products I use

Dear Readers,

I thought I would give you a full tour of the natural beauty products I choose to use. All the products are suitable for vegans and I aim to put the least amount of chemicals on my skin as possible.


After starting my new job with Miss Organics where I write frequent blog posts on the danger of chemicals and the benefits of natural, organic skincare I am constantly becoming more aware of the ingredients in my products. Instead of just focusing on whether they are vegan suitable or not.

So here is what I use;

Hair care

Kind natured, Shampoo

This shampoo is certified for vegans and made from 97% natural ingredients. Its free from sulfates, parabens and  petrochemicals. Both the shampoo and conditioner are designed for curly hair and I have been very impressed with how my curls have

Kind natured, Conditioner

IMG_1004.jpgThe conditioner is moisturising and helps detangle and reshape my curls really well.

Hair gel by Shea moisture

This hair gel is made with a base of coconut oil, shea butter, agave nectar and flax seed oil. The gel includes certified organic ingredients and again is free from parabens, sulfates and synthetic colours and scents.  You only need a small amount and it really helps sustain my curls after being washed for several days 🙂

Kind natured, Detangler

My hair has been really knotty lately so when I saw this detangled next to the shampoo and conditioner on the shelf I decided to give it a try. It says for kids but it works just as well on my hair! Its scented tutti fruitti and so far I am pleased with it.


Body care

Raw organic coconut oil 

I use this for moisturising, applying it to damp skin after a shower to retain the moisture left on my skin from the water. I love how natural this product is and it never fails to keep my skin supple.

Lavender scented dead sea bath salts made by totally natural skincare 

Again these lavender bath salts are so natural, containing 21 minerals and lavender essential oil. I find using these salts so relaxing and soothing for my skin.

Lush coffee scrub

I use this 2-3 times a week as a face exfoliator. Made from predominately roasted cocoa extract, vetivert and coriander oil. I leave it on my skin for 15 minutes and then gently remove from my face using circular motions.

Skin care

Botanics Organic cotton pads

Tropic Bamboo face cloth 

Body Shop Vitamin E face cleanser

the cleansers I have tried this does not leave my face feeling dry and tight or break me out in spots. I have been using it for nearly a year and love it

Body shop Vitamin E toner
I never used to use a toner but I decided to try it out. I only use a toner when I am removing makeup and notice it makes such a difference to making sure all my make up is removed properly and  leaves my skin feeling much cleaner. I would now never skip this step out when removing makeup!

Tea Tree Oil

I only use this on occasion to fight any unwelcome spots that may appear overnight. I have been using it for many years and wouldn’t switch it for anything else!

Lush coffee scrub

 I hope you enjoyed a brief look at my beauty products and hopefully you feel inspired to try some of them out! I cant stress enough how important it is to avoid chemicals as much as possible and focus on cruelty free, natural products!

Here’s to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx

My new vegan Job!

Dear Readers,

I have been meaning to update you all for a while on my latest job! Since the beginning of this month I have started working as a business development and marketing intern for Miss Organics.

Miss organics is a natural, organic, vegan skincare company who sell a range of facial and body oils as well as lip balms. The face and body oils combine a variation of plant based oils such as jojoba oil and rosehip oil into one product, rather than using just one oil. Meaning your skin receives benefits from a range of oils all at once. Having a high concentration of just one oil such as coconut oil, which many people including myself often use alone results in slow absorption rate, whilst a combination creates a fast drying effect. Therefore if you are a fan of using oil as a moisturiser these products are perfect since they give you the benefits of using an oil based moisturiser without the slow absorption and often greasy residue that can otherwise occur.

Their products are beautifully packaged in sustainable glass bottles and pots and are enhanced with vitamins and essential oils. Anna, the owner, is a vegan herself and I love working for a company whose ethos I fully believe in.

So far I have accompanied miss organics to the vegan life event in London on the 7th/8th January this month which was brilliant and well attended. Currently I am helping to write frequent blog posts for the company which I am not only enjoying but learning a lot about skincare!

If you haven’t heard of Miss Organics and are looking for a new skincare routine I would defiantly check out their website at .

Here’s to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx



Dear readers,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been busy with my final exams for the last couple of months but I am pleased to say I am finally finished 🙂

I have been meaning to write this review on another set of ELF’s products which are (vegan and cruelty free) that I had purchased a couple of months ago. So here it is finally…

IMG_6579.jpgThis time as had previously been requested I decided to invest in a couple of their eyeshadows, which unfortunately I was not particularly overwhelmed with. I chose their studio long- lasting lustrous eyeshadow £4.50 each.These are individual colours  that come in small pots rather than opting for a pallet. Gold and silver or (toast and celebration on their website)The colours are pretty, but when applying them I found a lot was needed in order to achieve a full bold effect with the eyeshadow. However it does stay on well as the name suggests and with enough of the eyeshadow you can create a full look.

The next item I tried was their Beautifully bare blush £5.00 I bought this in the shade Rose Royalty. This blusher is creamy and I found difficult to get enough on the brush at one time, however the colour is very pretty and it feels soft and smooth when you are applying it.

Elf’s HD lifting concealer £4.50 is probably my favourite item out of this purchase, it gives good coverage for a liquid concealer and I found the colour blended well to my skin colour and foundation. Its not too thick and you don’t need much to achieve a flawless look.

Their Studio HD powder £7.50 I was unimpressed by. I found it difficult to get enough powder out of the pot due to the design having a plastic lid inside with little holes in that make it hard to get a sufficient amount on your brush. The powder itself is light and soft and feels nice to apply but I found little difference to my look wearing it and therefore feel it is an unnecessary purchase which I won’t be rushing back to buy.

You can also see i bought again their mineral mascara for £4.50 as I find it creates full length feathered lashes easily and the price is very reasonable.

I also bought their eyebrow pencil again which costs £2.50 as I think its perfect for outlining my eyebrow shape before using powder to fill in my brows.

I hope you found this useful,

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx

My daily skincare routine


Dear readers,

Recently I have had questions from friends and readers asking about what I do in terms of  makeup remover and face wash which is suitable for vegans. My response is always ‘very little and it is completely natural.’ For the last 4 months or so after I experienced a brief period of bad skin, after changing my routine once again from a makeup cleanser from bodyshop which had not worked, I went looking for a new, alternative option. I already used coconut oil extensively to look after my skin and hair but not consistently and  not without using another face wash or moisturiser.


This is when I came across the idea of only using homemade oil based skin cleanser. I read an article explaining how it can instantly clear up your skin as well as remove makeup, cruelty free and  being an economical option, all lead to me deciding to give it a go. I decided to mix olive oil and coconut oil together.

To use simply apply to dry skin and remove with hot water, I use the deep cleansing cellulose sponges to do this which you can get from boots. Since using this simple makeup remover my skin has become so much clearer (see below). I would definitely recommend using this if you are struggling with problematic skin.

(this photo is without foundation or editing)


Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx

The wonders of coconut oil

Dear Readers,

Coconut oil is the most multi-purpose, natural (and it goes without saying) cruelty free product I know! Make sure to get Raw unrefined coconut oil for best results. It has so many uses ranging from hair to healing infections to cooking, here is just a few ideas of how you could use it….


-Coconut oil is great to use as a hair mask as it moisturisers, softens and helps repair
your hair. I am constantly straightening my hair and as a result am always worried about heat damage and suffering from split ends. So I find coconut oil is the perfect solution to use every so often to help reverse some of the damage I’ve caused my hair. I use around 1tsp of raw, unrefined coconut oil which I melt in my hands and then finger comb through my hair. Depending on what my plans are, I either leave it on overnight or for around an hour. Then you need to rinse it out, sometimes this could mean washing your hair twice to make sure its all out to prevent your hair from looking oily. I always see a noticeable difference after doing this!

-If you have naturally curly hair like me then this oil is also perfect for helping shape/style your curls and reduce frizz rather than using expensive creams etc that rarely work and are laden with chemicals. By applying coconut oil to wet/damp hair particularly at the ends it helps trap moisture and help your curls form their natural coils without fizz. Be careful not to use too much, especially at the top or your hair can end up looking greasy and no one wants that…. 🙂


-I always use it as a moisturiser for my skin, both my face and body, I’ve always questioned using  commercially produced products which have 1001 ingredients on the back half of which I dont have a clue what they are and ofcourse majoritarily tested on animals such as Clarins and Kheils whose products I admittedly used to love, I now steer clear from these overpriced, cruelly produced products. By applying coconut oil to wet/damp skin it traps moisture in slowly sinks into the skin leaving your skin supple and hydrated.

Also the bad press moisturieser has been getting lately again shows it is not necessary or good to use these products, with links to worsening or causing acne  and being utterly not necessary for you.

-Primer, I have not yet tried this out but have heard many positive reports of using this oil as a primer, so perhaps give it a go?

-Cleanser, this has to be one of my favourite ways to use coconut oil, similarly to moisturisers I hated buying the commercially produced skin care products due to chemicals etc and so discovering how brilliant coconut oil is for removing make up and cleansing your skin is brilliant. There are lots of different ways you can go about this, as you can chose to mix it with other oils which bring other benefits to cleanser rather than just the characteristics of coconut oil, for example I currently as combining olive oil with coconut oil and using this daily. To use it simply apply to a dry face and wash off using a cotton pad and hot water.

-Spot treatment, Coconut oil is know for its anti-bacterial properties which is why its so brilliant for treating spots simply apply all over you face and wash off just like you would using it as your cleanser, I have found this to be very effective!

-Eyelashes, I have noticed since I started using coconut oil as a moisturiser that my eyelashes have become fuller and longer which I’m assuming is down to being moisturised daily with coconut oil and therefore I would definitely recommend trying this if you are attempting to grow your lashes.


-for frying, coconut oil is much healthier to fry your food in as it is highly resistant to oxidation at high heats.

-good as substitute for butter or other oils used in biscuits etc tastes good, I have use this with most success in cookies, I made chocolate chip vegan cookies with 1 cup of coconut oil and they were delicious!

I hope you found this useful, Coconut oil really is a marvellous thing, trust me you need this in your life!

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxx


Dear Readers,

E.L.F or eyeslipsface is my latest discovery…. a makeup company whose products use both vegan certified ingredients and they do not test on animals (according to their FAQ’s  ). Not only this but their products are incredibly affordable and good quality on the whole. After researching more about them and reading customer IMG_2302reviews I decided I had to test them out for myself.

I ordered a range of their products including foundation, primer, lipsticks, mascara, eyebrow pencil, brow and eyelash gel and eye concealer.

Often when it comes to beauty products it can be often be quite costly to make the ethical decision due to most those brands charging higher prices for ethically produced products. However with e.l.f products this is not the case, which is what makes it so brilliant, so here is a brief outline of the items I tried….

Flawless Finish Foundation

  • £7.50
  • shade porcelain (the shades are quite dark so if in doubt go lighter than you think is for you)
  • would recommend if you like medium to full coverage
  • Has SPF 15 included which is crucial for protecting your skin and should be incorporated in your daily routine if not included in your foundation or moisturiser

Blemish Control Face Primer

  • £7.50
  • light weight, not much is needed
  • effectively creates a base layer on your skin before a applying to give a smoother look once foundation is applied and also helps minimise amount of foundation needed


  • £2
  • shade- fearless
  • lightly scented
  • long lasting and smooth application

Mineral Infused Mascara

  • £4.50
  • mineral
  • very effective at creating long dark lashes without clumps

Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil

  • £3.00
  • easy to shape brows with this
  • quality is not as high as some of the other items but still works well

Clear Brow and Lash Mascara

  • £3.00
  • clear gel which greatly improves your final brow and lash look as helps brow powder remain in place and lashes to stop clumping and elongates them.
  • defiantly would include this in your makeup routine!

Under Eye Conceal and Highlighter

  • £4.50
  • Shade glow/fair
  • concealer visibly brightens under eye area and the highlighter is perfect for using under your brow arch

However if i had any complaints it would only be that the packaging of the products looks quite cheap (understandably) and if i had to tell you one product out of this selection that I was leased impressed with, it would be the lipstick, as i prefer lipsticks that have a more moisturising for your lips but for the price I paid I am still pleased with this product as the colour is good and it lasts well.

So in short, this  makeup company is a brilliant find, super affordable and cruelty free so next time you need to replenish your makeup consider this ethical, affordable company! There really is no excuse to buy cruelly produced beauty products now you know! 

Heres to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx

Another fabulous skincare company….

Dear Readers,

As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post, I recently came across a skincare company called ‘Totally Natural Skincare’. This was a lucky find as I have fallen in love with their products! Currently I have tried four of their products and have been thrilled with the results. If you are looking for an ethical, natural, vegan skincare alternatives or a just fed up with putting chemical ridden, overpriced products which claim to work wonders but again and again fail to deliver then I would defiantly recommend considering this company’s products.    thumb_IMG_1661_1024

And NO I have not been asked, bribed or anything else to make the post, I chose to feature this company because I want to support them and share with my readers only the very best of vegan beauty!

The first of their products I tried was there, Light Cream. This lives up to its title, incredibly lightweight, smooth cream which glides on to your face so gently, immediately soothing and hydrating your skin, the main ingredients are Coconut Oil, Jojoba and water! This product claims to help oily acne prone skin, my skin is not oily but recently has been suffering from spots and since using this product nearly 2 weeks I have seen a noticeable difference, however this could be down to some of the other products I’ve used, either way I’m pretty pleased. A 60ml pot is £8, reasonably priced.

The next product is Natural Cream Cleanser, this is beautiful! In every sense, moisturising, soft, it removes my makeup well (not so much my eye makeup) and leaves your skin felling supple and clean, all you could ask for! Again the main ingredients are Coconut oil, Apricot oil, Champagne vinegar and Witch hazel, which are often recommend to use on skin so the combination a long with the other ingredients is great. At £4.75 for 120ml this is well priced.


Their Peppermint and Cocoa butter foot cream, is another product I invested in. This is a much richer, thicker texture with a gorgeous smell, similar to mint choc chip ice cream! Once removed my feet not only smelt good, but felt much softer and had a noticeably smoother look which my sister who used it too would agree.  Its priced at £8 for 60ml again a fair price and uses cocoa butter, almond oil and coconut oil as its main ingredients.


Finally the Dead sea mud face/body mask was my final purchase. This I bought to help clear up my skin. The products itself is dark grey slightly runny cream with a grainy texture. I applied it for 15 minutes the first time and 30 the next. On first time use it stung my face a whilst on my skin but i put up with it for 15 minutes, one removed my face was very hot and red but did feel clean and smooth. The result the next morning where showing promising signs so 4 days later i used it again. T    he grainy texture i liked as whilst removing the product it exfoliates your skin as well, this time it did not hurt my face at all, but my face was still quite red once i removed the product. My skin is looking much clearer however since using this and the rest of the products! The face mask is £6.50 for 60ml. 


I hope I’ve persuaded you to go check them out at- 

They have a range of various products for all skin types and I really do think they are worth a try! If any of you do try them out, let me know what you think and lets keep supporting the right kind of companies.

Here’s to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx